J. Sorell ft. Petra - Running away / Official video /

Zeneszerző: Szabó Gábor
Szövegíró: Halász Péter Gábor
Kiadó: HungaroSound - 2017 -

Running away - Dalszöveg -

Rise and shine
Give me high sign
When you’re lookin’ at me
I’d sell my soul
I’m gonna get lost in this feeling
Come find the way to get back to me
Waiting for you cause I wanna soar

Take me to a place
Where I can be with you again
That’s what I’m yearning for
I’ll make you come with me
It’s you I’m needin’, next to me, next to me
Running away with you, perfect harmony
I don’t wanna be alone now
Hey I don’t wanna be alone

Stars align
Up in the sky
I think I’m losing control
Wanna let go
Yeah, I wanna
Walkin’ on a long way road
Come with me and I don’t mean maybe
Things are gonna be right just believe in me
Trust in me